What types of company can you start in Thailand?

Opting for company registration in Thailand can be a very good idea. But what type of companies can you actually open in Thailand? There are 3 main business types you can have. You can have a registered ordinary or limited partnership, limited company, representative office, regional office or branch office.

Limited partnership

The thing to know about limited company registration in Thailand is that one partner’s liability is limited, but the other partner’s liability is unlimited. These need to be registered unlike a Thai partnership. The limited part is interesting, but it also brings in front various means to debate and talk about all of this.,

Representative office

When you do representative office company registration in Thailand, you will see that there are some limitations. You will have to deal with restrictions like reporting on business movement in the country, introducing info regarding services and products, inspecting and controlling good quantity and quality, offering advice related to various products and so on.

Regional office

You can also choose company registration in Thailand. The idea here is that the regional office will conduct business in the country on behalf of the head office found outside of Thailand. There are some activities you are limited to here. These are financial management, research and development, product development, marketing control and sales promotion, services and management services, operating affiliates and branches as well as communicating, directing and coordinating everything. You do need to have at least a branch in Asia. The regional office is restricting, selling or purchasing while it’s in the country.

Branch office

The branch office doesn’t have any limits like non-trading activities. These offices can earn income, but they still need to extend to the overseas office. The branch office will be governed by the FBA act and it will require the foreign business license in order to legally operate in the country, something that you need to keep in mind.

Limited company

When you do limited company registration in Thailand, you can have it either public or private/closely held. The private company is formed via a process that requires registering the Memorandum of Association and By Laws. The public company needs 15 promoters that need to form and register the business. These promoters will also need to maintain their shares for at least 2 years or so before they can transfer. There’s also a registration fee, usually that will be 2000 Baht per million baht of capital.

In the end, doing company registration in Thailand is very important. But you have to know what type of business you can open. Figuring that out will make the process easier and more meaningful in the end. You shouldn’t rush into this, the results can be great if you just take your time and see all the benefits. Depending on your needs, the results can actually be extremely good. So, study everything and make the right decision depending on the situation and what will benefit you the most!

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