Scars after a Breast Lift: Alternatives of Making Them Go Away

Maybe you are on your mid-20s or 30s, and the idea of undergoing a lift couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Breast ptosis may have dealt a massive blow on the beauty of your boobs, and you think it’s about time you undergo cosmetic surgery to get your groove back. Your concern, however, is whether you’ll forever live with visible scars or they will one day go away.
First of all, giving your breasts a lift is possibly the easiest way of making them look younger, fuller and more attractive again. Having them at your desired position means you will look younger and more beautiful than your age. And assuming you undergo the procedure with a bit of breast implants, the two will look and feel firmer and a lot awesome, perhaps what you’ve been praying for!

Sadly, there’s never a surgery without scars
The web has lots of photos depicting scars and other visible marks around the nipple and under the breasts. That simply means that no matter how talented the cosmetic surgeon is, the scars will not go away altogether.
That’s right; scars never fade away completely. They may get better and better with time and eventually fade away, but never 100%. Luckily, there are a lot of ways of treating unwanted scars, especially when you hate seeing them. You could use silicone gels, lasers, and many other ways of getting rid of them.
Scarring after a breast lift is because of the incisions in the skin. However, to minimize this, you must first ensure that you go for an experienced and certified plastic surgeon. You could use referrals or do some portfolio shopping.

Ways of avoiding scars after breast lift
Other alternatives include going for a scarless lift, which ideally is the least invasive lift. The method involves the use of electrical currents to burn the fat cells, especially when the sagging isn’t severe. Crescent lift is almost similar to scarless, only that instead of using the laser, a small incision must be made across the top edge of the areola.
With moderate sagging, donut lift can also come in handy, mainly because it involves making a single incision. Others are lollipop lift, anchor lift, and, of course, the horizontal mastopexy. You should talk to a specialist or an experienced cosmetic surgeon before going for whatever procedure.
Lastly, to be safe and avoid having lots of scars, always insist on horizontal scars. They are less noticeable, unlike those made vertically along the breasts.
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