Popular Dermatological Procedures in Thailand

Dermatologists use a variety of medical and cosmetic surgical techniques to offer services to patients. Here are some of the most common procedures in dermatology clinic Bangkok.

Skin biopsies are mostly done to diagnose or rule out specific skin conditions. There are three types of biopsies, namely, shave biopsies, punch biopsies, and excision biopsies.
Shave biopsies remove a small section on the superficial layer of the skin. Punch biopsies remove parts in the deeper layers of the skin. Excision biopsies involve the removal of large parts of the skin with an unusual appearance.

Chemical Peels
In this procedure, a chemical solution applied to the skin to remove the superficial layer. It is used to treat sunburns and some types of acne. It also corrects lines under the eyes and age spots. Once the outer layer peels off, the skin regenerates a smoother layer.

Cosmetic Injections
Injections can temporarily reduce lost facial fullness, scarring, and wrinkles. The dermatologist injects botulinum toxin therapy or filler like fat and collagen to correct the defects mentioned above. Because the effects last for three months, the injections must be repeated after a while. If your body develops antibodies against the Botox, this treatment is ineffective.

This provides a quick solution to several benign skin compilations such as warts. The skin is frozen using liquid nitrogen to destroy the affected cells.

Here, the surgeon uses a high-speed rotating brush to remove the superficial layer of the skin. This is used to remove tattoos, wrinkles, and precancerous skin patches.

Excision of Lesions
Some of the reasons for removal of lesions are preventing diseases and repeat infections, removing unwanted spots and alleviating symptoms. For large lesions, the surgeon will administer an anesthetic before the procedure.

Hair Removal and Restoration
Hair loss is treated using transplants. Unwanted body hair, on the other hand, is removed using laser hair epilation or electrolysis that destroys hair follicles.

Laser Surgery
In this case, the doctor uses laser rays to treat tumors and warts. It is also useful in removing tattoos, birthmarks, scars, wrinkles, and unwanted hair.

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