Nose Surgery Thailand - For a More Symmetrical and Better Functioning Nose

The thickness of the lips, color and size of the eyes, and length and width of the nose is what makes a face look beautiful. If the size and shape of your nose are not complementary to other parts of your facial profile, you can be an ideal candidate for a nose surgery or Rhinoplasty. A lot of people think that nose surgery is only limited to changing the shape and/or size of the nose which is not true since Rhinoplasty is also used to correct various nasal defects and restore natural functioning. Some people have a good looking perfectly symmetrical nose, but they face breathing issues due to the presence of an obstructive nasal condition, whereas others may have a well-functioning nose but they are not happy with how it looks on their face. Whatever the condition or concern, nose surgery Thailand clinics cam offer a perfect solution to address both cosmetic and functional concerns regarding your nose. 

Rhinoplasty, therefore, can be divided into two main sub-categories:

  •  Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Since the nose occupies a center position on our face, any misalignments, bumps, bruises, and any other deformities can drastically affect the overall facial profile. Cosmetic Rhinoplasty deals with all the cosmetic issues related to the nose. Following are some of the nasal cosmetic flaws that can be treated using the cosmetic Rhinoplasty procedures:
                 - Nose size or shape modifications
                 - Nostril size and shape modifications
                 - Dorsal hump correction
                 - Drooping nasal tip enhancement
                 - Nasal misalignment correction

  •  Functional Rhinoplasty

Many patients opt for Rhinoplasty for non-cosmetic reasons; these non-cosmetic issues are usually more serious in nature as they directly impact a person's health and wellbeing. These functional problems may be the result of an accident or trauma or a birth defect. Following are some of the nasal functional flaws that can be treated using the functional Rhinoplasty procedures:
                - Obstructed nasal passageways
                - Nasal trauma after injury
                - Nasal polyps obstructing the sinuses
                - Cancer removal
                - Deviated septum

In many cases, the cosmetic flaws of the nose may give rise to various functional irregularities, under such conditions cosmetic Rhinoplasty Thailand is combined with functional Rhinoplasty to improve the appearance and functioning of the nose. 

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