Hair Transplant Services in Thailand

Most males lose hair at old age due to reduced testosterone production. However, there are some who experience loss earlier than expected because of a genetic condition called premature baldness. Regardless of the cause, Hair Transplant in Bangkok, Thailand has the answers to this problem. Surgeons in the country use advanced techniques to ensure that transplants remain permanent.

The most common hair regrowth techniques in Hair Transplant in Bangkok, Thailand are Ur Cell Hair Micro Transplant and the HARG Program.

Ur Cell Hair Micro Transplant
This technology guarantees permanent natural hair growth and provides a lasting solution to hair loss problems. Interestingly, it doesn’t involve any surgery and completely relies on the patient’s stem cells to stimulate hair regrowth.
The procedure starts with the harvesting of hair roots. This is followed by the extraction of stem cells, which are then transplanted into areas that are suffering from hair loss. The results are permanent because the stem cells fend of the hormones that promote falling of hair.
The biggest advantage of this technique over surgical methods is its simplicity. This means that it takes a short time to conduct, and its recovery period is also quick. Moreover, it is entirely natural and doesn’t expose patients to the risk of infertility associated with taking post-surgery medicines.

HARG Program
This is yet another technique based on stem cell technology. It involves the injection of stem cells into bald areas. The stem cells stimulate inactive cells to produce hair naturally.
The resultant hair from this procedure is stronger, denser and thicker. It is also permanent.
Although rare, some patients usually seek the removal of excess body hair. This is particularly common in females with hairy legs and arms. In Thailand hair transplant, there is a unique technology called Coolglide specifically designed to deal with such cases.

The Coolglide technique uses a laser gun to remove undesired body hair, mainly in women. It is a convenient and less painful alternative to popular methods of removing such hair such as waxing, plucking and shaving. Furthermore, its result lasts for longer. This device works with all skin types and ensures that hair doesn’t regrow for at least two years.

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