Cost of Hair transplant in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand is a top destination for people looking for quality hair transplant. The South East Asia country of Thailand has specialist hospitals with affordable procedures when compared with their western counterparts.

If you are considering having your hair transplant in Bangkok, Thailand you would surely be interested in finding out Bangkok hair transplant costs prior to leaving your native country for your hair transplant Bangkok procedure. Let's break down some of the most important questions you might have. 

What prices should I expect for my hair transplant?

The most concern of people traveling to Bangkok, Thailand for a hair transplant is about pricing of the procedure. The prices, when compared to rest of the western countries, can be significantly low. Different clinics and hospitals charge different rates. You can see clinics offer prices of about 100 Thai Baht per graft, but you should keep in mind that the cheapest is not always the best.

Where should I have my hair transplant done in Bangkok?

Another very common question asked by clients who would be heading to Bangkok for their hair transplant procedure is a recommendation. Questions like "which is the best clinic I can book?", "Can you recommend me a good a hair transplant surgeon in Bangkok?" These are common questions which we believe are worth asking as you don’t want complications from the procedure.

On that note, is highly recommended. With qualified professionals with over 19 years of experience in the aesthetic/cosmetic field and lots of certifications, you can’t be in a better hand. offers different hair regrowth services which are approved by FDA (US) and CE Mark (EU). With the ‘Ur Cell Hair Micro Transplant’ you get to experience natural, real hair growing from your own stem cell. The process is safe and doesn’t involve surgery. The auto transplant involves repairing the bad hair stem cells with better stem cells from your body. The repaired stem cell then gets to work and begins working towards a speedier growth of a fuller, healthier hair. 

Nothing to worry about as regards the quality of hair transplant in Bangkok as the resident doctors are professionals with years of experience and certifications from across the globe.