5 Qualities International Schools In Bangkok Look For When Hiring A New Teacher

International schools in Bangkok employ teachers who are highly experienced, skilled and with the right attitude. A good school always supports those teachers to become better by organizing seminars that will improve their skills.

So what do these international schools look for when hiring new teachers? How can you ensure you land a teaching job in an international school in Bangkok? Here are the most desired qualities that will make or break you during an interview session as per Thai land site.

International schools always look for teachers who are enthusiastic about working with young children. If teaching for you comes naturally and you love interacting and teaching young minds, then you are almost in there.

Globally open minded
When teaching in an international school, whether you are a local or a foreign teacher, you are likely to interact with people from different cultures. You will be working with learners, parents and other teachers from different backgrounds and countries. Your fellow teacher’s methods of training may also be different from yours. It’s important that you accept, respect, and value the diversity and be truly open minded.

Flexibility and ability to adapt
International schools are different in many aspects; location, staffing, philosophy etc. As an international teacher, you must be willing to adopt and embrace such diversities and any unexpected changes.

Must be committed
International schools in Bangkok look for teachers who are ready to be fully involved in the activities of the school. There is more to education than just academics. A lot of teachers and other staff are from different countries and the school is their family. It’s the social place for both teachers and learners and most employers are looking for teachers who can get fully involved in the school’s activities.

A lot of international schools usually have short term contracts which means that teachers can move to another school in a matter of a few years. However, they also value loyalty. They look for those teachers who have extended their contracts with previous employers.

The above qualities are crucial in landing a teaching job in an international school in Bangkok.